At Mattatuck, we offer the latest in processing and material handling equipment.  In addition to providing up-to-date equipment, we understand that all manufacturers have unique recycling needs.  We will tailor our services to meet your specialized processing requirements.

Outside Containers
Roll-Off Containers
Load Lugger Buckets

Containers range from 6 to 60 yards, and may be open or covered.  We will meet with you to discuss your requirements to ensure that you receive appropriate containers for your scrap operation.

In-House Containers
Drop-Bottom Stackable Bins
Roura Hoppers (self-dumping)
Barrels (55-gallon or special sizes)
Gaylord Boxes

In-Plant Processing Equipment
Balers (Vertical and Horizontal)
Shears / Metal Cleaning Shear
Wire and Cable Stripper
Magnetic Sorting Equipment

Yard Equipment
Hydraulic Cranes
Grapples and Magnets
Hydraulic Shear